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Platinum Cure Silicone for Different Kinds of Mold Making

Featured Item

  • Product Item: EZ-M Series

  • Hardness:0~50 Shore A

  • Mix Ratio: 1:1

  • Color: Translucent/ Custom color

Product description

Platinum cure mold making silicone rubber(XB-6series) is a kind of liquid RTV (room temperature vulcaniza-tion) silicone rubber with two parts, part A is the silicone rubber base, part B is the platinum curing agent. It is the flexible mold making material with different hardness from 0 shore A to 60 shore A. Its mixing ratio is 1:1, which would be suitable for both hand and machine operation. Generally the color is translucent.


  • Easy to use

  • Almost nil shrinkage

  • Use platinum catalyst

  • Excellent non-stick effect

  • High degree of precision in reproduction

  • High dimensional stability over time and non-deform ability

  • Food grade silicone (environmental,odorless and nontoxic)

  • High resistance to high temperature and aging(resist -60 to 200℃)

  • High chemical resistance to aggressive components of some types of resins

  • Good tear strength (this feature ensures higher resistance to wearing and shearing


Platinum cure silicone which are excellent for making molds for chocolate tray, jelly tray, sugar tray, candy molds, cake molds, ice cream, ice sculpture, butter, fondant, bread, baking and other food decorations.

And this kind of silicone is also good for poly resin crafts,PU crafts,PU resin crafts ,gypsum crafts ,unsaturated resin crafts, lighting and candles crafts ,plastic toy , stationery gifts crafts industry, a large statue Buddha, prototype design /rapid prototyping, diamond, jewelry and resin rhinestones molding.

Using instructions

1.Stir part A and part B with right mixing ratio evenly. And get the mixture for vacuum- pumping. (If there is no vacuumizer,you can just pour the mixture slowly from the corner so that less bubbles caused). 
2. Enclose the product (the original model) with four plastic plates or wooden plates.
3. Clean your products and brush a layer of release agent(detergent or soap water) on your product. 
4. Pour the mixture with correct mixing ratio into the model frame. After about 2-4 hours, when the silicone cured, get out the original model, and there you get a finished addition cured silicone mold .

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